It all started when I was working with Spitex organisation, where care service is given in the homes of the clients/ Patient. After a while I could give the foot care onces in a week at the Spitex center in Köniz but as it was always my dream to have my practice and work independently. In 2013 I decided to leave Spitex and started the foot care service in the homes of my clients and as well opened a practice in Oberwangen bei Bern. In 2014, I was able to take on an existing practice in Westside near the Shopping Mall. 

Motivation and Goal

Qtime is not only do I provide proper and diligent  foot care, but also I'm able to recognize health problems and recommend you to a doctor for diagnosis, and then treatment. My goal is to build up a good and trustworthy relationship with my clients. That is to consistently give all of my clients the best service and experience possible from the moment they come in, till the moment they leave. So be expecting a professional foot care and advise or reference to other professionals when needed.