Full Foot care Treatment

Fr. 75.-

Foot care with Polish

Fr. 87.-

Part Treatment

Fr. 46.-


Fr. 38.-


Special Treatment

Nail Repair

Fr. 25.-

Nail glue Brace

Fr. 35.-

Callus Treatment

Fr. 25.-

Creating Orthosis

Fr. 30.-


Depilation with Wax

Upper lip

Fr. 25.-


Fr. 20.-

Lower legs

Fr. 45.-

Upper and lower legs

Fr. 90.-


Fr. 30.-

 *I  give home service as well in your enviroment, starting from Oberwangen, at an extra cost of 20.-

Cancellation should be done 48 hours prior to the treatment begins, if not you will have to pay full cost for disappointment

Professional foot care for him and her